Monday, November 20, 2006

So the current government is not constitutional...

If the current government is 'not constitutional' since only one sect withdrew from it.

Then why did they bother to do all the fight and debate about lobbying to have one-third (mu3attil) of the government as a guarantee if leaving the governmnet was a garantee for them...
If anyway without the one-third they can topple the government just if they resign then why do they need it in the first place...

The current status of the government is that it is constitutional, legal and not as legitimate. Just like Lahoud...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Are we against the return of the Lebanese detainees...

Following the Hibollah logic. The demands of March 14 to apply the Taef, including dismantling all militias, are the ones requested by Israel and accordingly should be condemned.

Now, Israel is accepting to negotiate to return the Lebanese detainees and prisoners. Do we oppose it, as it is an Israeli demand now???

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Resistance and Electricity

Usually electric resistance is the act of opposition to "flow of electric current"... It is never the case that resistance can ever generate electrcicity and actually oppose it...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When you steal from a mafia, expect to be killed

Unlike what Hizbollah claimed, the scale of the Israeli reply was expected

If you ever think of stealing from a mafia, don’t expect few years of imprisonment according to applicable law as mafias have their own laws they abide by and mostly impose. Now, if you hear about someone who was killed by the mafia for stealing and you steal few weeks after him, then you mean it.

Conflict in Israel/Palestine
Palestinian activists attacked a military point killing two Israeli soldiers and kidnapping one Annahar reported on June 26, 2006. A series of events followed from the Israeli government/mafia that went as follows (‘summer rain’ operation):
1- Olmert refused to negotiate for the release of the kidnapped soldier threatening that his government can reach the Palestinians even in far places while Washington saw the problem in Damascus[i]
2- Israeli tanks invaded south of the Gaza strip in a “small scale” operation.[ii]
3- Israeli jets flied above the Presidential palace of Bashar Assad in Damascus, kidnapped a Palestinian Minister and placed its soldiers on the Lebanese southern borders in a state of alert preparing only for a potential attack from Hezbollah.[iii]
4- Israel kidnapped one third of the Hammas Palestinian government and one forth of the Parliament.[iv]
5- Olmert commanded that no one in Gaza should sleep saying that the solution to the problem is in Syria.[v]
6- Israeli government explicitly threatens to hit Syria and Hamas leadership in it.[vi]
7- Olmert expects a long war.[vii]
8- Levny, the Israeli foreign minister, threatens Syria.[viii]
9- Full scale Israeli attack on the residential areas in Gaza.[ix]
10- Israel calls some of its reservists and expands its attack.[x]
11- Israel enters middle of Gaza after its decision to expand the operations.[xi]
12- Palestinian President threatens to resign to embarrass Hamas read the Assafir front page on July 12, 2006[xii]

Regional situation
Iran’s situation went as follows:
1- Iran’s President resents the Israeli crimes and threatens that the revenge of God will occur in the hands of the nations.[xiii]
2- Washington: July 12 is a key date for Iran to answer, threatening to go back to the Security Council with a huge pressure.[xiv]
3- Najad mentions a strong will to remove the Israeli regime warning from the increase in the anger of the ‘people of the region’ as a result of the Israeli crimes that might result in a ‘huge explosion’ whose consequences will not be restricted to the region.[xv]

Internal situation
1- Sfeir from the States: Hizbollah’s arms are not acceptable and they are moderated from Syria and Iran, read the Annahar front page on July 2, 2006[xvi]
2- The Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs who belongs to the Nasrallah-Berri coalition said: “No Lebanese group will give Israel an excuse (zareeea or mubarrir) to enter Lebanon”[xvii]
3- Israel puts the region at the edge of a broad regional deterioration read the front page of the Assafir newspaper on July 4, 2006. In the same issue, the editorial read: “One Israeli soldier VS people, the nation, the whole world.
4- In July 9, 2006: Hariri and Nasrallah meeting reflected their fear from some currents in Israel to move the tension with Palestine towards a regional tension.[xviii]
5- On July 10, 2006 the Annahar reported that in the meeting between Hariri and Nasrallah they talked about their will to take all necessary precautions from any attempt to expand the Israeli aggression in Palestine to Lebanon..[xix]

The (truthful promise) operation:
Israel ‘replies’ to one of the most painful hits from Hizbollah to the Israeli army since 2000. “Hizbollah kidnapped two soldiers and killed eight”, Annahar reported in its lead article on July 13, 2006 [xx].

By this operation, Hizbollah did an unprecedented violation to the blue line (not in Shebaa) and initiated a quasi-Palestinian operation knowing its consequences that were mentioned in the media and by many of its leaders / allies.

Hizbollah claimed more than a month later that they didn’t know (any of the leaders of the group) that Israel will do what it did, not even a one percent chance.

Knowing how Israel replied to the Palestinian operation, the warnings of a potential regional aggression, the Iran deadline, and the pressure on Syria among other variables make the truthful promise truthful to all but to Lebanon.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

What a day.... August 31

August 31 marks the 28th anniversary for the disappearance of Imam Sadre of the Amal Movement.
It also marks the death of princess Diana and Mother Therese along with the birth of Said Hassan Nasrallah.
I hope it won't mark the death of the currnet middle east be it the final deadline by the Security Council for Iran to stop its Uranium Enrichment.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nasrallah wants a new national reconciliation government...

Nasrallah replied to those asking him to repsect Taef that they should accept to form a national reconciliation government and questioned how can Aoun who represent 70% of the christian voters not be represented in the government:
1- If Nasrallah didn't know, he is in the government and he didn't complain that Aoun is not in it until he became his partner. His party gave the government a vote of confidence being in it.
2- We are not in a proportional representation governmental system (anyway this concept does not exist so far).
3- In a democracy, a Parliament majority has the 'majority', so it should have the majority in the cabinet... it happens to be two thirds in Lebanon.
4- Lahoud represents (-1%) probably of the Lebanese and still he has a quota in the government, isn't that also against proper representation.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Nasrallah to NTV: We can make a military coup-deta at any time...

Although he mentioned that they won't, Nasrallah replied to those asking him if he has plans to form a Shiite State in Lebanon that he had the power to make a coup-deta after the Syrian withdrawal and can still do it now... I don't know if he meant answering no or maybe... but it doensn't look very promising if they thought about it...