Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nasrallah wants a new national reconciliation government...

Nasrallah replied to those asking him to repsect Taef that they should accept to form a national reconciliation government and questioned how can Aoun who represent 70% of the christian voters not be represented in the government:
1- If Nasrallah didn't know, he is in the government and he didn't complain that Aoun is not in it until he became his partner. His party gave the government a vote of confidence being in it.
2- We are not in a proportional representation governmental system (anyway this concept does not exist so far).
3- In a democracy, a Parliament majority has the 'majority', so it should have the majority in the cabinet... it happens to be two thirds in Lebanon.
4- Lahoud represents (-1%) probably of the Lebanese and still he has a quota in the government, isn't that also against proper representation.