Friday, April 28, 2006

A new UN resolution for Shebaa farms and related lands

The UN should declare Shebaa as a No-Man's Land.

The resolution would cover:

1- Marking the land that is of conflict between Lebanon and Syria and still occupied by Israel.
2- Request from all people in that land to evacuate it as it is to become under the supervision of the UN until the borders between Lebanon and Syria are clearly marked.
3- Meanwhile, a special UN force (not the UNIFIL) should stay in that land until the process of drawing the borders is finalized.
4- Continue to implement 1559, as to all its articles including disarming all armed militias.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Why not in the army??

UN officials are trying to push towards integrating Hizbollah in the army, which is nothing but putting the whole problem under the ashes.

Hizbollah's structure can't be integrated in the army. A militia structure cant be part of the army, atleast not if its leadership is'nt in the army.

Militants of Hizbollah believe in 'wilayat el fakih' which makes it almost impossible for them to be loyal to any institution or chain of command, if / when they get a 'takleef shar3ee' (religious order).

More over, a funny but true comment in March 2006 came from the US representative to the UN, Mr. Bulton saying that integrating Hizbollah in the army will result in US paying to the Lebanese government to pay for Iran militants (reducing the pressure on Iran's budget) hinting that if the integration takes place, the militants will stay loyal to Iran.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The reconstruction of the state starts with Yoga...

The Lebanese Republic has lost its Constitutional Council since October 2004.

It is the highest Council that ensures the constitutionality of laws and is the corner stone to rebuild anything including institutions and the state...

I think we should request the UN Security Council to form a fact finding mission to search for the members of the constitutional council. When they do, which is for sure, we can request them to start taking Yoga lessons as they are supposed to be "sehraneen 3ala ehtiram eldustoor". Imagine if they are doing their job literally and they are still sehraneen since the constitution was violated in October 2004...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is it possible that we just lost all our International support??

The UN Security Council voted on its 1669th resolution for the situation in Congo.

This made us lose our collection items: 1559, 1595, 1644, 1664.

Monday, April 17, 2006

No for Sabbeh Resignation...

I request from the Prime Minister to reject the resignation that the Minister of Interior Sabeh submitted to him 67 days earlier.

I am obliged to request so, as I just noticed a banner next to the PM house, requesting so and signed by the "Residents of Beirut". Being a resident myself, now I dont have a choice but to request what ALL THE RESIDENTS OF BEIRUT REQUESTED.
Probably, they had some sort of General assembly and they all decided so.... who knows

Saturday, April 08, 2006

No to a joint Lebanese-International Tribunal, Yes to International with Lebanese Liaison

After the series of unjust decisions taken by the Lebanese judiciary, many wanted to give the judiciary a chance for reforming it and proving it credible by including in the international tribunal for the assassination of Hariri.

Well, thats not very promising after the clear political decision of Lebanese court to clear and free Sultan Abu el3aynaein (previously sentenced with death penalty) as it was a political decision to do so...

In the case of Samir Geagea and Duneyyi events, the courts decision was not altered, rather a Pardon was passed in the Parliament for that purpose. Another way would be a special Presidential Pardon.

Now, for the International tribunal for the assassination of Hariri, Lebanese judges, being still politically under pressure, should be excluded from this court.

All judges should be international, with only a Lebanese judge acting as a liaison between the international tribunal and Lebanon.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Lebanese judiciary ... another political institution???

Sultan Abou El3aynein, from being a criminal with death sentence running away from the government and hiding in the refugee camps.

To the spokesperson on behalf of Palestinean arms with the Lebanese Authority, (potentially the PA future ambassador to Lebanon) after he surrendered to the judge of his case and got instantly a pardon for new lack of evidence.... that supposedly was there in end of 99...

What a way to rebuild the state

Monday, April 03, 2006

Parliament Majority 72 going to 70 ??

The main institutional lock to the come back of the Syrian Hegemony is the Parliament majority.
Nearly one month prior to the death of late MP Edmond Naim, Lebanonwire (e-newswire) reported that his health is in critical situation. His death resulted in reducing the majority bloc to 71 MPs.

Few days ago, Lebanonwire reported that an MP from Baabda-Aley is having a serious medical illness and added that his situation is very critical.

This is a very alarming indicator, as no one should accept another concession even if elections might lead to losing the position.

Going to 70 MPs would imply that the Syrian hegemony is 5-MPs away from coming back.

Current TOTAL 71 MPs /of 128

minimum 65 MPs for a majority